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Testimonials from previous course participants:

“I have done 2 of Pema’s homeopathy courses.  As well as being really interesting – Pema is incredibly knowledgeable – I have been using the information to treat my family with homeopathy first aid for many years.  I still have all my notes and I still use them to help me choose a first aid remedy.  I would highly recommend Pema’s course if you’re interested in using homeopathy in your life.” 

CJ Brighton

“I attended a homeopathic first aid course run by Pema Sanders at her practice in Brighton.  After the initial short course we carried on studying as a group, and we covered an enormous range of subjects.  She had then been my homeopath for about 12 years.  As far as I can remember there were about 10 of us.  It was incredibly valuable to me as I am now able to self-prescribe when a trained homeopath isn’t available to help.

Pema brings wisdom, intuition, humour, pragmatism, healing and caring to everything she approaches, whether individual clients or classes. She is authentic and transparent with what she passes on.

She has a huge knowledge base from her own life experience, travel and preparing Flower Remedies abroad. 


We all had an immensely valuable and fun time, exchanging experience, Illnesses, and meeting up again after the course had finished. 

I will be forever grateful to Pema for sharing her knowledge and personal experience so openly. 

Homeopathy and the course literally changed and saved my life.” 

GG (Brighton)

“I did the Homeopathy first aid course with Pema a few years ago and it was mind opening.   It was a lot of fun as well as very informative, good tips and ideas to treat your family during a holiday or at home.

Just the basic things that you would normally keep in your medicine cabinet except these are natural.  Pema is a great teacher she explains the lessons very clearly. “

SB (Beirut)

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