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Clinics and Appointments

Online Appointments

I am now offering online appointments on Skype

Please contact me to arrange a session

I work at home in Bexhill at:

Flat 1,  (bottom bell)

51 Wilton Road


East Sussex

TN40 1HX  (Link to Google Map)

..and in Lewes at:

River Clinic

Wellers Yard,

Brooks Road,

Lewes BN7 2BY

Link to their website here

river clinic map.jpg

To make an appointment at any location

please call my landline: 01424 225 372

or email me at


A homeopathic appointment is very detailed and goes into your medical history, family medical history, your current and past mental and emotional state, as well as the symptoms that concern you at the moment. 


This is done in order to create a holistic ‘picture’ of who you are and where you are in your life at this point.  This picture is then matched to a remedy picture.  I might do this by referring to my own knowledge of remedies, or to books, and I might also put your symptoms through a computer to analyse them.  If I do this I may not give you your first remedy at your appointment, but might ask you to call back in a day or two to collect the tablets or arrange for them to be sent. 

Treatment Style

For anyone who knows something of the various approaches to homeopathy in the UK, my style is roughly ‘classical’, although if I think it necessary I may prescribe more than one remedy and might also suggest other therapies in addition.  Most often,  I use Flower Essences and Nutritional Therapy to support my homeopathic prescriptions (see Other Therapies).  I am always happy to refer a patient to another practitioner if I feel they may get more benefit from osteopathy or acupuncture, for example, than from homeopathy.

What form does the medicine take?

Most homeopathic medicine is given as small round sugar pills.  Homeopaths sometimes suggest dissolving tablets in water, or even give the medicine already in water.  If I prescribe a Flower Essence, this will come in a dropper bottle.  Some pills are manufactured with a mixture of lactose and sucrose – if you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you should mention this.

Most of my medicines come from Helios Homeopathy Ltd., in Tunbridge Wells. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about my approach or whether I think I can help your symptoms or not before you book an appointment. 

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