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Learn to use homeopathic remedies to help you through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding

ONLINE course via Zoom

10-sessions, starting Friday 18th September, 9.30am-11.00am. Cost: £70.00

Notes are provided.

Contact me to book a place.

I run short courses for interested patients and others on a regular basis.  These take place in either St Leonard’s or in Bexhill, at my home.  They are sometimes on Saturday mornings and sometimes on a weekday evening.  If you’re interested in joining one of these introductory courses, please contact me.  I can also arrange a course for you and your friends, at a time to suit you, if you can find a group of interested people.  I’m happy to offer a free place to the organiser if they find a minimum of 5 other full-paying participants!

A course usually lasts 12 hours and typically covers the following:

  • How common is homeopathy worldwide

  • History of homeopathy and a short background on Samuel Hahnemann

  • Introduction to how homeopathic medicines are made and what the numbers after the Latin names mean.

  • Explanation of how to choose an appropriate medicine, potency and dosage system

  • Explanation of how new remedies are researched (Provings) and how this relates to the idea of ‘Like Cures Like’

  • Remedies for accidents and injuries:  Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum, Ruta, Rhus tox, Staphisagria – a short sketch of each remedy and how it is used .  NOTES PROVIDED.

  • Remedies for colds and fevers:  Arsenicum Album, Allium Cepa, Belladonna, Aconite, Gelsemium, Ferrum Phos, Pulsatilla, Mercury, Kali-bich, Natrum Mur – a short sketch of each remedy and how it is used.  NOTES PROVIDED.

After taking part in one of these courses you should feel confident to use basic first-aid homeopathic treatments for simple, everyday complaints.  The courses are suitable for complete beginners as well as for those who have used homeopathy for a while, and allow plenty of time for discussion to develop.

I also offer follow-on study sessions for people who have done my introductory courses – these tend to focus on specific areas of first-aid prescribing, such as:

  • Homeopathy for travel

  • Homeopathy for women’s problems

  • Homeopathy in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

  • And more .......

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