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First appointment: (one and a half hours) £70.00
Follow-up appointments: (one hour) £50.00

First appointment: (one hour) £45.00
Follow-up appointments: (half hour) £35.00

Note: Parents should attend a first adult appointment without accompanying children.

Note: For follow-up children’s appointments only, if needed, I can see two siblings in one appointment.

Frequency of ongoing treatment

Most people come for an appointment once a month at the start of their treatment. As soon as your symptoms improve and you are feeling better in general we extend the period of time between appointments.  And it’s always a good idea to keep coming for an annual ‘MOT’ once you’re better!

Phone Consultations

I do not charge for a quick phone consultation to check the progress of a remedy or to report in.  Nor do I charge for short phone consultations for first-aid problems, once someone is registered with me.


The cost of homeopathic remedies or flower essences prescribed by me during an appointment is included in the appointment charge. 


If repeat flower essence prescriptions are requested by you, I charge £5.00 to collect from my home, plus postage if they are to be sent on to you.

I may suggest vitamin or mineral supplements. These are not included in the fee and will need to be purchased by you.


Concessions are available, but not usually for a first appointment, which may require extra reading and research on my part in addition to the appointment time.  Please ask, if you feel you need a concession, but be prepared to answer some questions about your situation before being offered a reduction.


I charge 50% of the normal fee to cover cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice.

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