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Essence Ranges:

I have four different Essence ranges, all under the umbrella name of Windy Hill Essences.

Mawasem Essences:

These were previously known as Najma Essences, and we made in Lebanon from local plant species. Mawasem means ‘seasons’ – in the sense of the grape season, or the harvesting season – the right time for something to happen.  ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’ – as it says in the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes (3: 1-2).  All Mawasem essences are flower essences, made using the traditional Sunlight Method of Dr. Edward Bach. (link: explore Mawasem Essences)

Shifa Essences:

These were previously known as Najma Energy Essences, and were made in Lebanon in ancient shrines, temples and holy places with Dr Souha Nasreddine-Bitar.  Each one has a relationship with a particular Chakra and a chosen name, for example:  Belonging Essence, which was made in an old hermitage on the side of the Chekka peninsula, and is related to the Base Chakra. (link)

Windy Hill Essences:

These are plant essences, many of them made under the lockdown in early 2020.  They mostly grow on or around Bexhill beach, in woods in this area or in my garden. (link)

Auriolle Essences:

Made in SW France, on a friend’s land, near Perpignan, these essences are from maquis (aromatic shrub) flowers.

Gods and goddesses:

These essences are made from plants/flowers and shrines or holy places in the Greek Islands.

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